The First Bank & Trust Friday Q&A: The Inside TSL 2023 Edition!

Lamborghini Urus
Here’s your annual look under the hood here at TSL! Yep, it’s super-clean and pristine, just like this.

It’s that time of year. Chris Coleman is out of the country, the Friday Q&A gets taken over by yours truly, and I answer questions about Tech Sideline!

In this edition, I’ll answer most of the questions I got from the message board, and I’ll also add some interesting notes that I think of along the way. Maybe I’ll even ask myself a question, so I can answer it.

Topic One: Will Stewart Owns SportsWar, but Who Owns the Sabre?

I got a couple of questions about ownership of SportsWar, Tech Sideline and the Sabre, so I thought I would clear that situation up. I don’t think I’ve ever addressed it in an article, but I do think I’ve mentioned it on the boards.

Here are the questions:

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