Virginia Tech Mailbag: Is 2023 Football Schedule Conducive To Promising September Start?

Virginia Tech flag
Virginia Tech has revamped its roster. How might the 2023 season play out? (Jon Fleming)

Chris Coleman is nearly 4,000 miles away enjoying King Charles’ coronation and possibly, if he has time after he satisfies his Royal Family obsession, taking in some soccer.

That leaves his Friday Q&A spot wide open. I’d be a fool not to take it while he’s on vacation. Maybe we’ll arm wrestle for it when he gets back. (Wait a second, that won’t go well.)

Anyway, here’s this week’s Hokies mailbag:

Last year, CC made the case for a potentially promising September start. We all know how that turned out, but looking at this team and the schedule leading into the Pitt game, maybe he was just a year early?

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