Virginia Tech Spring Football Notes: QB Battle, WR Competition, And More

Kyron Drones
Virginia Tech quarterback Kyron Drones is behind Grant Wells right now, which should be expected after only five practices. (Jon Fleming)

Virginia Tech held an open practice in Lane Stadium on Saturday, and while it’s certainly not the same as the Spring Game or a regular scrimmage, it’s all we’ve got to go on right now.

There was a little bit of scrimmaging done during the course of the 2+ hour practice, but it was broken up into different periods throughout the day. There was also one-on-one redzone drills, pass skeletons, individual positional work, etc., and all of that stuff that happens during a regular practice. The difference between the Spring Game (and regular scrimmages) and practice is that there’s no positional work. Instead, it’s all live tackle-to-the-ground football.

That wasn’t the case on Saturday, so with the different positions split up for most of the day, it’s impossible to see everything. That said, I do have some thoughts on what I was able to see. I took some notes throughout the course of the day, and I put up a quick post on the Subscribers board late Saturday afternoon, but I want to expand on it.

Grant Wells Is Ahead At Quarterback Right Now

Wells is ahead of Baylor transfer Kyron Drones right now, and that shouldn’t be a surprise. Consider the following: