Virginia Tech Set To Open 2023 Spring Practice

Virginia Tech
Brent Pry and Virginia Tech begin spring practice on Thursday. (Jon Fleming)

Spring practice begins on Thursday for Virginia Tech and the media will get a first-hand look at the Hokies at 9:30 a.m. Naturally, the following questions from the fanbase will arise…

“How did Kyron Drones look? What about the other quarterbacks?”

“Did the running backs look good out there?”

“Are the wide receivers going to be able to get separation this year?”

“Did the defensive linemen generate any pass rush?”

Those are the type of questions that will be asked after reporters get a chance to view 20-odd minutes of practice on Thursday. But we won’t be able to answer any of them. The players will be in shorts and t-shirts rather than full pads, so there won’t be any tackling to the ground, and we likely won’t be allowed to see any one-on-one drills either. There’s just not a whole lot to glean from the parts of practice that are open these days. It’s a bunch of athletic guys running in space with nobody defending them. All college football teams look good when viewed like in that light.

The one thing we’ll be able to do is report on the initial depth chart and which players take reps in what order. For example, when the running backs are doing their positional drills, the first guy who takes a rep would be considered the No. 1 back on the depth chart on the first day of spring practice. But even with that, don’t get concerned about the depth chart. I don’t expect Bhayshul Tuten to be No. 1 on Thursday because he’s yet to practice at Virginia Tech. I don’t expect Ali Jennings III to be No. 1 at wide receiver because he’s in the same boat. The depth chart will change throughout the spring, so those players will likely move up and down.

Virginia Tech football’s media policies this spring are very open, such as the brief open practice on Thursday morning. However, there will be very little to see with our own eyes, outside of what’s mentioned above, until the spring game.

So, while I’d like to write an article about “things I’d like to see in the spring,” I can’t exactly do that because we won’t get to see very much over the next few weeks. That being typed, I’ve still got a few topics I’d like to go over before spring ball begins.

Virginia Tech

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