Monday Thoughts: False Starts and Sandstorm

Brent Pry Virginia Tech
Brent Pry and Virginia Tech prepare to take the field. (Ivan Morozov)

This season is getting to be a real slog, and blowing an 18-point lead in less than 12 minutes didn’t help.

It’s getting difficult to find new ways to talk about the Hokies, or different angles to take when discussing a team that is … finding new ways to lose every week. Okay, I guess we could talk about those new ways (and I actually will a little bit in this article), so what I really meant to say is, it’s just getting difficult.

If you read last week’s MT, then you know that I traveled to Raleigh for this game on Thursday and then went to Columbia, SC to see the Gamecocks play against Missouri on Saturday. I didn’t get home until about 9:30 Sunday night, and my DVR didn’t record this game, and all I got to see was the condensed game on the ACC Digital Network on YouTube. So that’s a long-winded way of saying this one’s going to be a little short.

First, let’s talk about the penalties, specifically the ten false starts on the Hokies. That’s a mind-blowing, historical number, and Damian Salas at has provided some new tools that enable us to take a look at penalties on a game-by-game basis and a season-by-season basis. So let’s do that.