Brandyn Hillman Picks Up Virginia Tech Offer

Brandyn Hillman, Virginia Tech
Brandyn Hillman picked up his first FBS offer from Virginia Tech on Tuesday, and within 24 hours had picked up six more. (@dmv_b3)

Brandyn Hillman
Athlete, Class of 2023
Churchland, Churchland, VA
6-2, 180

Make no mistake, Churchland’s (Va.) Brandyn Hillman considers himself a quarterback. He’ll be the first to tell you that. But he also gets why many consider him a natural athlete.

“I’m an all-around player,” Hillman said. “I feel if coach needs me to go anywhere, I feel comfortable to play that position, too. I play safety and corner on defense. Playing quarterback helps me at safety and corner to recognize what’s going on quicker. It’s easier for me to read the quarterback, seeing what he’s doing.”

With that ‘athlete’ tag, Hillman landed his most prominent scholarship offer to date Tuesday night, when Virginia Tech called him with the good news. The 2023 product also has offers from Howard and Norfolk State.

(Editor’s note: After Jason wrote this story, Hillman immediately landed offers from Notre Dame, BC, UVA, East Carolina, West Virginia and Vanderbilt.)

But while the offer was significant, Hillman said he hopes for right now it’s simply an important milestone. He said he’s still waiting to see if other college options will arrive, as he keeps an open mind and takes more college visits.

“I’m kind of taking my time, trusting God’s plan,” Hillman said. “I’m just waiting for the right opportunity to choose. Me and my mom are just taking our steps, one at a time right now. I have no idea where I want to go yet.”

Hillman said he’s been in contact for a few months with the Hokies, but it still came as a welcome surprise to hear the news.

“It feels great knowing that a place so close to home and as big of a stage as it is, has put trust in me and believes I can do something great for the program,” Hillman said. “I would say it’s a surprise. It came out of nowhere, I’ll say that.”

Assistant coach Fontel Mines has been Hillman’s primary contact, but he also got the news from coach Brent Pry.

“It’s great and it felt good,” Hillman said of the offer. “Coach Mines, he texts me every day, checks up on me and my family. It’s the same thing with Coach Pry, to make sure I’m good at home and school. So, I feel like they’re family.”

Virginia Tech’s offer to Hillman is for ‘athlete.’ But he still believes there’s one position he has in mind to get started with.

“They told me whenever I get to campus, wherever my heart tells me to choose, they’ll be 100% with me anyway,” Hillman said. “It doesn’t matter. I want to play quarterback going in, with the offense that they run. It just feels right at quarterback. I would consider something else if they need it.”

Next up, on Oct. 8 Hillman will visit Virginia for its game against Louisville.

“They just asked me to come, Hillman said. “The recruitment started picking up a few days ago. I had a couple of conversations with the staff and they said they really want me to get on campus.”

Hillman said Oct. 15 he’ll be at Virginia Tech for its game against Miami and will likely visit a few other schools for games this fall. But for now, he said he continues to evaluate what schools, even potential offers, can give him the best all-around package.

“I want a home, somewhere I can come back in 30 years and still feel comfortable to be