Daniel Coles Visits Virginia Tech

Daniel Coles
Daniel Coles has taken several trips to Blacksburg. (@DanielColes_)

Daniel Coles
ATH, Class of 2024
Brooke Point, Stafford, VA
6-2, 205

This fall, Brooke Point (Va.) three-star athlete Daniel Coles plans to get an up-close look at quite a few of his college options. Last weekend, he got his second look of the season.

Coles followed up a visit to Virginia in week one of the college football season with a trip to Virginia Tech Saturday for its win over Boston College. Both visits provided more clarity on his recruitment, but are simply the beginning of a busy fall schedule. For now, Coles said he’s not sure when he’ll be ready to end his recruitment.

“I talk to my parents a lot,” Coles said. “I haven’t narrowed it down since my recruitment is boosting up. I’m taking in everything that comes up and for every school, I’m grateful. At the end of the day, you can only choose one school. I’m just trying to find that school that fits me. I’m not looking for 60 offers. But I’ll know when it’s time to go.”

The visit to Blacksburg for Coles, Rivals.com’s No. 22 player in Virginia for the 2024 class, was his first on game day. He also visited for the Spring Game in April.

“Virginia Tech is definitely one of the teams that when I got there, they showed tremendous love,” Coles said. “The fan base is good, gameday hype is good. I love the recruiters. The way they treat their recruits is really good. The game was very fun for my first Virginia Tech game. It’s a great place, and they show a lot of love.”

For the Hokies, it’s been a combination of assistant coaches Stu Holt and Shawn Quinn and defensive coordinator Tyler Bowen leading the recruitment. Coles said he’s developed a strong relationship with each coach.

“They give me a really good vibe,” he said. “Every time I see them, they say they’re working on something new for me in the offense. They send letters every day. We talk on an almost daily basis. The relationship is good, but the thing I like, every time we talk, it doesn’t have to be about football. They text Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, just show me a lot of love, and they’re really good coaches.”

Overall, Coles said he likes what he’s seen with Virginia Tech, from its football program, academics and campus life.

“I love the place,” he said. “They show great love and they give me everything I look for in a school. But now is not the time to make a supreme decision. But they’re definitely one of the schools showing the most love, so they’ll always be in the picture for me.”

Coles said he was also impressed with Virginia, after he saw the Cavaliers’ game against Richmond. Part of that is proximity, but part is also the relationships he has with members of the football staff.

“It’s definitely a really good school, somewhere I love,” Coles said. “The coaches, not only do they show love, but they help me prepare mentally for life and football. They send motivational quotes and speeches. They’re always making sure I’m good and checking in. It’s a really good school and I love the love they show as well.”

The next visit Coles has planned is Oct. 22 to Penn State for its White Out game against Minnesota.

“My friend committed there (Mathias Barnwell), he said the whiteout game is one of best games you can experience as a recruit,” Coles said. “Penn State, they show love as well, but they’re one of the teams that really utilizes the running backs. Even though they’re running back-heavy, they pound the ball hard. They have a good history there. I met