Luca Puccinelli Is “Big On Virginia Tech”

Luca Puccinelli
Luca Puccinelli visited Virginia Tech over the summer. (@LucaPooch22)

Luca Puccinelli
Tight End, Class of 2024
Benedictine, Richmond, VA
6-7, 225

Tonight, Benedictine (Va.) will scrimmage Massaponax (Va.) as both teams continue preparations for their regular seasons.

That includes Benedictine three-star tight end Luca Puccinelli, who’s been told the beginning of his junior season will be an important one. Puccinelli has eight scholarship offers already. He’s taken a few recent visits that have helped, but he also has more coming, which could also move his recruitment a bit more.

“I wouldn’t say I have a top 10 or I have a top list,” Puccinelli said. “I’m still welcoming to everybody. If you’re interested in me, I’m interested in you. I’m definitely picking out places I like. But I wouldn’t say I’ve knocked anybody off the list. I’m open arms to everybody.”

Puccinelli has made a handful of visits to Virginia Tech over the past couple of years, including June 10 for camp. The Hokies reiterated their offer this spring.

“I’m really big on Virginia Tech,” Puccinelli said. “I love Coach (Tyler) Bowen. Also, they’ve been so welcoming to me and my family. And it’s only three hours from home, and the new staff has a family bond. It’s just good vibes, and I just love Blacksburg.”

Bowen has been Puccinelli’s primary recruiter and the one who personally delivered the offer.

“We definitely got off to a good start,” Puccinelli said. “I was offered by the old staff back in my sophomore year. The first time I met (Bowen), he came to my school and offered on the spot. We kicked it off there and I was back for the Spring Game and camp in the summer. I like how he coached a lot. He’s very honest, a good motivator and a funny guy. He’s a family guy and you love to see those types of things.”

Most recently, Puccinelli camped July 30 at Penn State. The Nittany Lions have yet to offer a scholarship, but they have given him some indication of where he stands.

“This one was more, I knew the coaches a lot more,” Puccinelli said. “I like it a lot. I like Coach (Ty) Howle a lot. He’s a great guy, a family guy, very welcoming to me and my family. They said they’ll look at my first three games to see my development from my sophomore to junior year.”

This fall, Puccinelli said he doesn’t have any set visits, but is eyeing games at Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Ohio State and South Carolina. The Gamecocks have also offered a scholarship, which came after he camped there in early June.

 “That’s amazing, that trip was so good,” Puccinelli said. “We kicked it off really good. Coach (Shane) Beamer, he’s hilarious. The whole staff seems fun. They’ve got good vibes. That coaching staff is one I’d like to play for, one I can see myself playing for.”

On each of his trips, Puccinelli said he continues to look for the same characteristics, inside and outside of the football programs themselves.

“I definitely want someone who’s welcoming to me and my family, my friends,” he said. “I really like a family bond between players. I’m a big chemistry guy, a build-up confidence guy. I look for that family bond, the brotherhood. Then, a good campus, good people, and good teachers. Football can only last so far, so you need that education.”

For Puccinelli, he believes the first few games of the season will be vital. That will give him film to send out and could give his team momentum throughout the rest of the regular