Virginia Tech Staff Comparison – The Old vs. The New

Virginia Tech
The Virginia Tech coaching staff has been expanded in a major way. (Ivan Morozov)

We got a request on the message boards this week to compare and contrast the size of Virginia Tech football’s coaching staff under Brent Pry and his predecessor, Justin Fuente. It’s a little bit difficult to do, but we’ll take a crack at it today.

I used the online rosters for the 2022 and 2018 Virginia Tech football teams for the comparison. If you click on each link, you can scroll down to the bottom and see a listing of all the staff members of the football program.

It’s important to take the 2018 numbers with a pinch of salt, however. For example, Tech’s strength and conditioning staff were not listed on that page for some reason in 2018, but they are listed in 2022. Also, Assistant to the Head Coach Shannon Lewis is listed in 2022, and she was not listed in 2018 (Fuente hired her, and Pry retained her). You can throw in the medical staff as well. Virginia Tech certainly has a bigger staff in 2022 than it did in 2018, but the difference isn’t quite as big as the numbers indicate on those roster pages.

The biggest difference between the two staffs is the pure differential between numbers in two key categories: recruiting and analytics. Today we’ll primarily focus on those two departments, as well as note a few new positions that have been created.

Note: I’m not going to go over the bios of all these people. You can click on the links provided above and read their bios on your own. That’s a lot easier for everybody than me finding a different way to type what has already said.

Virginia Tech Recruiting Staff

In 2018, there were three main guys on the staff page whose main responsibilities were recruiting…

Mark Diethorn: Director, Player Personnel
Thomas Guerry: Director, Recruiting Operations
John Iezzi: Director, On-Campus Recruiting

They were all supported by student interns (how many is unknown), while Danielle Bartelstein (Senior Director, Football Operations) and Matt Transue (Assistant Director, Football Operations) also had a role in on-campus recruiting.

Here’s how the recruiting staff compares in the summer of 2022…

Mike Villagrana: Senior Director of Player Personnel
Rob Branch: Assistant Director of Player Personnel
Alex Jones: Assistant Director of Player Personnel
Lino Lupinetti: Assistant Director of Player Personnel
Camie Cole Nations: Director of Recruiting Operations
Jalyn Ballein: Director of On-Campus Recruiting
Glenwood Ferebee: Director of High School Relations

Besides those seven people, Tech can also lean on folks such as Travis Taylor (Director of Football Operations) and Kevin Juszynski (Assistant Director of Football Operations) for on-campus recruiting. That’s nine support staff members who are tied into recruiting – either directly or indirectly – as opposed to five in 2018. I’ve also noticed a larger number of student assistants with a presence on social media recently, so I think it would be fair to say that the Hokies have doubled the number of bodies they are throwing at recruiting.