Virginia Tech Recruiting Update: Preliminary Rankings & The Defensive Tackle Situation

Braylon Johnson, Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech commit Braylon Johnson has the long arms you look for in a defensive back. (Braylon Johnson‘s Instagram)

The first thing I’ll do is reveal my star rankings for current Virginia Tech recruits. Remember, I use half-star ratings for my own personal system. They don’t show in our database for programming reasons, but I’ll sticky them at the top of the board or create a separate page for them for easy reference and for historical perspective.

My reasoning for a half-star system is simple. Normally, the No. 35 recruit in the country is a 4-star player, and the No. 350 recruit in the country is also a 4-star player. In reality, that No. 35 player is just a couple of spots away from being a 5-star guy, and the No. 350 player is very close to being rated as a 3-star guy. Because of the basic star system, people see both guys as essentially the same recruit, but that’s not accurate.

The half-star system was created to give you a more accurate view of how I view a recruit. Things I’ve considered in the rankings include…

Listed Offers: I take this with a grain of salt, however, because not all offers are committable.