Layth Ghannam Impressed By Virginia Tech Spring Game

Layth Ghannam
Layth Ghannam met Wyatt Teller at the Spring Game. (@LaythGhannam1)

Layth Ghannam
Offensive Line, Class of 2023
George Washington, Charleston, WV
6-5, 280

The recruiting process will likely take at least a few more months for George Washington (WV) 2023 three-star offensive lineman Layth Ghannam. There have been some visits this spring that gave him a bit of headway, but nothing yet has put him over the top towards a decision.

Ghannam counts 14 scholarship offers to this point. This spring, he was active in getting to a handful of those schools. Ghannam got in visits to Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Marshall, Appalachian State, South Carolina, North Carolina, NC State, East Carolina and Eastern Kentucky. Each stop gave Ghannam more to process and help solidify some of the most important traits he looks for.

“I like to have a personal connection,” he said. “I like to be close with the O-line coaches, and I’d like to be close to home, not too far away. But I’m looking in, like a four to five-hour area, if I really like it there.”

Ghannam made a pair of visits to Virginia Tech this spring. In addition to watching practice in late March, he spent April 16 at the Hokies’ spring game.

“The atmosphere there was amazing,” Ghannam said. “To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the outcome of fans. It was like 35,000 fans there, and that was impressive. The quarterback there, Grant Wells, is from my high school, and that was cool to see him make incredible passes.”

Assistant coach Joe Rudolph has been Virginia Tech’s point man, but Ghannam said he’s heard from nearly every coach on the staff.

“It’s a really good relationship there,” he said. “All the coaches, we all have a mutual respect for each other. Every time I go down there, it gets better and better. It’s really family-oriented there.”

Overall, Ghannam said he was impressed enough that he hopes to be back this summer, but he hopes to also learn about more of his options.

“I really like it there,” Ghannam said of Virginia Tech. “But then again, I have to weigh my options and make the best decision for me and my family. I’m really not sure about any school right now.”

Following that stop in Blacksburg, Ghannam made a trek south to see South Carolina, North Carolina, NC State and East Carolina. A few aspects of that trip were especially highlights.

“All the coaches were really great to me,” Ghannam said. “I liked all the O-line coaches there and I learned different, new things from each and every one of them. It gives me a new perspective on every school. South Carolina’s stadium, I’ve never seen a stadium like that. That was pretty impressive, just big. It was impressive talking to Coach Mack Brown at UNC, too. Just him telling me he was sorry he missed me. Telling me that, from a legend of a coach, that was cool. He was at a charity event.”

Right now, Ghannam said he has no visits set, but based on the progress he’s made he hopes his recruitment won’t drag on too much longer.

“I’ve been going through it for a little bit now,” Ghannam said. “My family and I have gained a lot of knowledge about it. We want to make a decision, commit before the start of the season. I’d like to take my officials in June, see where each stand.”

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