Virginia Tech Football Recruiting Update: Offense, April 26, 2022

Virginia Tech
Brent Pry’s Virginia Tech staff is back out on the road recruiting. (Ivan Morozov)

This week we’ll update you on the current state of Virginia Tech recruiting, and we’ll begin on the offensive side of the ball with a look at each position.

But first, a qualifier. Virginia Tech is listed with having offered 252 players for the 2023 recruiting class according to the 247 database. That’s par for the course for most programs these days. Here are the number of offers listed for each ACC program…

BC: 291
Clemson: 81
Duke: 239
FSU: 316
GT: 308
L’Ville: 334
Miami: 288
NCSU: 105
UNC: 94
Pitt: 319
Cuse: 162
UVA: 182
VT: 252
Wake: 119

It’s extremely difficult to know which “offers” each program is serious about. It becomes even more difficult when there is a coaching change, as was the case with Virginia Tech this year. Those 252 “offered” players can be broken down into the following categories…