Virginia Tech Football Recruiting Update: Offense, April 26, 2022

Virginia Tech
Brent Pry’s Virginia Tech staff is back out on the road recruiting. (Ivan Morozov)

This week we’ll update you on the current state of Virginia Tech recruiting, and we’ll begin on the offensive side of the ball with a look at each position.

But first, a qualifier. Virginia Tech is listed with having offered 252 players for the 2023 recruiting class according to the 247 database. That’s par for the course for most programs these days. Here are the number of offers listed for each ACC program…

BC: 291
Clemson: 81
Duke: 239
FSU: 316
GT: 308
L’Ville: 334
Miami: 288
NCSU: 105
UNC: 94
Pitt: 319
Cuse: 162
UVA: 182
VT: 252
Wake: 119

It’s extremely difficult to know which “offers” each program is serious about. It becomes even more difficult when there is a coaching change, as was the case with Virginia Tech this year. Those 252 “offered” players can be broken down into the following categories…

1) Those who held an offer from Justin Fuente’s staff, but who haven’t been offered by Brent Pry.

2) Those who held an offer from Fuente’s staff, and have been re-offered by Pry.

3) Those who weren’t offered by Fuente, but have been offered by Pry.

In certain situations, it appears obvious who the Hokies are recruiting heavily, but that might not be the case. We’re all getting used to this new staff and their preferences, and things can change on an almost weekly basis. As always, remember that the names in this article don’t necessarily represent a complete list of targets at each position; they are simply a list of names that you should keep in mind.

The Virginia Tech coaches are currently out on the road. For example, Derek Jones is driving around the 757 in a convertible right now, haha, so we could see some more offers go out as more evaluations are made.

Virginia Tech Quarterback Targets

Back in the winter, Virginia Tech re-offered Mississippi quarterback Vic Sutton who had previously been offered by Justin Fuente’s staff. He took another visit to Blacksburg, hit it off with the new staff, and it seemed like he and the Hokies were at the top of each other’s boards.

A couple of months later, and it seems that things may have changed a bit. Georgia quarterback Dylan Wittke visited recently after picking up a Tech offer, and he seems to be in favor of making his college decision sooner rather than later. I don’t know for a fact that he’ll commit to the Hokies, but his is the hottest name on the QB board at the moment.

Wittke is an interesting prospect. He’s a rising senior who hasn’t been a full-time starter before. That’s because he split time with 2022 Stanford QB signee Ashton Daniels at Buford. Talk about a luxury of riches…imagine being a high school coach with two future FBS quarterbacks on your roster.

Lack of experience