Virginia Tech Football Spring Practice Discussion: Running Backs

Jalen Holston, Virginia Tech
Will 2022 be the year Virginia Tech running back Jalen Holston has been waiting for? (Jon Fleming)

Virginia Tech had a dominant running back in 2020 with Khalil Herbert, and he went on to play for the Chicago Bears. The Hokies also had a very good back in 2021 with Raheem Blackshear, when they actually decided to use him. Both of those guys were transfer portal players.

This spring, the coaching staff is looking for a standout back from within the program.

It’s no secret that Virginia Tech wants to be a run-first offense under Brent Pry. That’s obvious from the type of coaches that he’s hired on the offensive side of the ball. Tech returns two experienced tight ends, and four offensive linemen that have seen some action. But do the Hokies have the player, or players, in the backfield? Sure, there are plenty of bodies, but what will the rotation actually look like? It’s hard to say right now.

Virginia Tech returns four running backs who have recorded carries in FBS football games. They are, in order of seniority…