Notre Dame Scouting Report Part 1: The Offense

Virginia Tech
The Virginia Tech defense will face a struggling offense on Saturday night. (Ivan Morozov)

(Editor’s Note: we’ve been having an issue where the YouTube videos that we embed in Brandon’s articles are disappearing. We are working on figuring it out.)

The Domers are coming to town. The Irish offense has been struggling—many of their scores against Wisconsin were off returns, and against Cincinnati last week they only managed to put thirteen points on the board.  The scheme is still the West Coast spread and has changed very little since the Hokies have been playing them. You’ll see lots of three-receiver triangle concepts and throws to the TE (with a caveat we’ll get to.) Their running blend is interesting. Against Cinci and FSU, they ran mostly zone runs, though in the remaining games, they split it between zone and gap/man.

The Irish offense has looked a lot like the Hokies’, at least in terms of performance. The offensive line seems to be a cluster. Cinci has a good front, but they made Notre Dame look very vulnerable. Here, the Bearcats blow open enough blocks against the Inside Zone to turn the play into a stumbling short dive: