Virginia Tech-West Virginia Review: Various Topics Covered

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Virginia Tech
Leddie Brown got West Virginia on the board early against Virginia Tech. (Ivan Morozov)

That was a tough game to watch. The boards are buzzing with questions, and I couldn’t pick a theme, so this week is a bit of a buckshot article.

Gap Fits

On WVU’s first TD, the broadcast team pointed to Dax Hollifield (#4) matching the motioning H-back as the cause for the long run. Here’s the play:

You can see Hollifield moving to the alley, so he’s technically been removed from the box. But the motion man is almost to the sideline, which is BFE as far as interior runs are concerned. It’s a one-for-one trade, and no one gains a numbers advantage. If anything, Hollifield gained a slight advantage for Tech’s defense by staying in the alley, where he can play the cutback; the H-back, meanwhile, completely removed himself from the play. It’d make more sense to blame Hollifield and Tae Daley (#17) flying down to the receivers. Two defenders are already there, so that puts four defenders over three receivers.