The Virginia Tech Friday Q&A: Improved Recruiting, and More Challenging Roster Management

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Virginia Tech
Bryson Jennings could give Virginia Tech a very good defensive line haul. (@espn_Jennings18)

1) What position group are you currently the most excited about with the current recruiting class so far? – Jbohokie63

Chris Coleman: Of the positions that are filled, or mostly filled, I’d probably have no choice but to say quarterback or offensive line.  One of either Alex Orji or Devin Farrell should work out (or at least I hope one does!), and I trust Vance Vice’s evaluation of offensive linemen.

But what really excites me is what the defensive line class will look like if it turns out the way I think/hope that it will.  Right now the Hokies have commitments from defensive end Kyree Moyston and defensive tackle Lemar Law.  They are cousins from the 757.  Tech is going to add another defensive end and probably another two more defensive tackles.

DE: Kyree Moyston, Bryson Jennings
DT: Lemar Law, Rashaud