The Virginia Tech Friday Q&A: Running Back by Committee, Possession Receivers, and More

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Virginia Tech
Can Virginia Tech find another Khalil Herbert? (Jamie Rhodes-ACC Pool)

1) The Hokies seem to be struggling to find a RB like Khalil Herbert out of high school. Did Kansas just get lucky with him (and the Hokies with his transfer) and he ‘developed’? The running back by committee approach, to me, is an admission that we just don’t have the right guy… thoughts? – TomA

Chris Coleman: Herbert picked Kansas over FIU, Appalachian State, Fordham and Georgia State.  He was ranked the No. 179 player in the state of Florida, and he never rushed for 1,000 yards in high school.  If Kansas had a history of finding diamonds in the rough and developing them into good players, then I’d say it wasn’t luck.  But to be honest, there was probably plenty of luck involved. 

Recruiting past a certain level comes down to a lot of luck.  Some staffs are better at evaluating than others, but in essence everybody is throwing spaghetti against the wall just to see if it sticks.  Looking back at Herbert’s high school film, I think it’s good, but why did he only get 118 carries on the season?