Virginia Tech Football Video Breakdown

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Virginia Tech

Man, we’re getting spoiled rotten with the Virginia Tech video stuff. No state secrets or anything, but I’m enjoying it all the same.

All-Access Coaches

We’ve got Fu and J-Ham on a half-hour humanization circuit. I figured Cornelsen wasn’t an option because he goes straight home after practice to nuke a Hungry Man and watch film, but then I remembered he’s got a wife and kids.

0:08: This is a position group meeting for the safeties. It sounds like J-Ham’s talking about run fits around the tight end, which is the #3 receiver when three receivers are to the same side of the field.

0:21: Keshon Artis (#15) with the big stick.

0:32: That’s Coastal Carolina transfer Will Ross (#88) working on punts.

0:49: That replacement “T” for the Georgia Tech vandalism sticks out like a sore thumb.

8:36: The “Hokie Standard” poster in the background has “grit” on the bottom and “1-0” at the top.

10:04: Justin Hamilton, your host on tonight’s Snitch Search.

10:39: I’ve been thinking the same thing, coach.

11:53: Fuente’s talking with Ross about getting thrown in the fire. That’s probably about us only seeing Ross punting despite the fact he’s been a place kicker who didn’t get many snaps at CCU.

12:15: I’m thinking this is about fitting wide runs.