Monday Thoughts: The End of a Decade of Decline

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New dumbbells in the renovated Merryman Center weight room. Not shown: they go all the way up to 175 pounds. (Will Stewart)

I keep going back to something that Charlie Phlegar wrote to me last week about the Reach for Excellence campaign. It wasn’t something he said during the podcast appearance; it was something he wrote in follow-up “thank you” emails that we exchanged.

“Be assured it’s a moment in our collective history that will change our course and avert mediocrity for VT athletics,” he wrote.

Somewhere else along the way, in all the ink spilled and airtime filled in talking about the campaign last week, I also heard the words “inflection point” used.

Those at Virginia Tech who put in the work to make the campaign happen are speaking of it in glowing terms, as a new moment in Virginia Tech Athletics history. From this point on, things are moving in the right direction.

You might cynically respond with: “Really? Some glitzy drawings of a Cassell Coliseum renovation and an ask for more money is a new age in Virginia Tech Athletics?” Viewed that way, no. The Hokies have had exciting capital projects before and have asked for more money before, so that’s nothing new.

To find the “new” you must dig a little deeper.

You may have missed it