The Virginia Tech Friday Q&A: Recruiting New Jersey, Comcast, Darryl Tapp, and More

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1) Why didn’t the ACC seek to insert the VT-UVA game on Wednesday when we both lost our midweek game opponents at the same time? Is there coach interference or lack of prep time? Or was it never even a consideration? – Journiyin

Chris Coleman: It was a consideration, but from what I can tell UVA blocked it.  Here’s what Mike Young said on Tech Talk Live this week…

“We could’ve played Virginia and made that game up and I was all for that, but talking to Coach Bennett, they have somebody on Saturday and Syracuse on Monday. That is not fair to their team to expect them to play three games in six days. I wouldn’t want to do that with our team, nor would I expect anyone else to make that choice and run the risk of a number of things happening.”

Young is right.  It’s not really fair to ask student-athletes to play three games in that short amount of time.  Except that’s exactly what UVA was going to do before their game against NC State on Wednesday was postponed.  They were going to play NC State on Wednesday, Georgia Tech on Saturday, and Syracuse on Monday.  That was their original schedule.

UVA was perfectly willing to play three games in that