Virginia Tech’s 2021 Recruiting Class: The Offense

Danijel Miletic, Virginia Tech
Danijel Miletic will join Virginia Tech from Serbia, via Germany. (Hudl)

A couple of weeks back, we reviewed Virginia Tech’s 2021 defensive recruiting class.  Today we’ll switch sides of the ball and take a look at the offensive class.

Offensive Line: Short In Numbers

I don’t like only signing two offensive linemen in this class.  I do like Bryce Goodner and Danijel Miletic, and considering the history of Vance Vice, I don’t see the point in getting caught up in their recruiting rankings (or lack thereof).  Vice has a pretty good record of evaluation and development, and that record is good enough for me.  I don’t worry about the quality of this class.

However, I do worry about the quantity.  The Hokies only signed two offensive linemen, and as of right now this is a 25-man class (27, if you count the McDonald brothers, who haven’t been officially announced as having signed).  For such a full class, that seems to be a very small number of offensive linemen.  Offensive linemen make up just 8% of the class, or 7.4% if you count the McDonalds.

There are always 22 players on the football field at once, and five of them are offensive linemen.  That comes out to 22.7%.  That 7.4% or 8% number seems small in comparison…especially when Tech signed just two offensive linemen last year.  That doesn’t seem like enough.