CC On Sunday: Hendon Hooker’s Development And The Future Of Brad Cornelsen

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Following Virginia Tech’s 25-24 loss to No. 9 Miami, the Hokies have now lost four football games by a combined 22 points.  The last three losses have come by a combined 11 points.

Back in the day, when Tech got on similar bad runs, Frank Beamer would get on Tech Talk Live and say things like “we were one block away, we just lost our leverage a couple of times, and a play here and a play there and it would have been different.”  The thing is, he was mostly right.  That fact didn’t negate our frustration, however.

After the Miami loss, Justin Fuente talked about how proud he was of the team for ignoring the negativity this past week.  They sacked up and played much better, and Fuente said he felt good about them right now.  And you know what?  He’s right.  Virginia Tech did play hard, and for the most part, they played well.  I was very proud of their effort on Saturday, and defensively I thought the Hokies played their most complete game of the season.

But again…that doesn’t negate our frustration.  I closed last week’s Liberty article with this line…

“I’m sure as heck not picking the Hokies next week [against Miami], but yeah…they could win.  If they do, that will be great, but it would also make this weekend’s loss all the more frustrating.”

Well, the Hokies didn’t win, but my sentiment remains the same.  If they had been this dialed in against Wake and Liberty, we’d probably all be singing a different tune right now.  Oh well.

Last week I used the micro of the Liberty loss to try and dissect what I felt were bigger macro issues in the program.  Today I’m going to use Hendon Hooker’s performance to take a similar macro look at his future, and the future of offensive coordinator Brad Cornelsen.

Hooker was darn good for about 75% of the game against Miami.  But once the Hokies got behind, and Miami knew they were going to throw it, the same old weaknesses popped up.  When will that get better, or will it get better?  And is Cornelsen the guy to properly develop him once spring practice gets here (assuming that it does)?  Those are the main focal points of this weekend’s articles.

(Virginia Tech Athletics)

Hendon Hooker, His Future, And The Decision Justin Fuente Must Make

Hendon Hooker is one of those quarterbacks who is a really good player in the right situation.  If the Hokies are ahead, and the opposing defense thinks there is a strong chance Tech is going to run the ball (which they usually do), then that opens up the passing game.  He’s proven to be a very efficient quarterback in those situations.

But if he’s in the wrong situation, he’s a bad quarterback.