Monday Thoughts: We Have Lift-off

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The longest Virginia Tech offseason in the history of is officially over. We have lift-off.

Before we get started, let’s revisit this tweet from August 6:

So glad I was right. Sooooo glad.

By the way, I didn’t capitalize Dynamics. My phone did. I have no clue why.

Monday, Monday (Thoughts)

A quick, um, thought on Monday Thoughts before we launch into it. Monday Thoughts continues to evolve and change a little each season. I look back at some of the Sunday/Monday articles I used to write, and the length and depth of them are almost unbelievable. I used to do things like analyze all ten sacks the Hokies suffered against NC State in 2004, or break down exactly how many times the Hokies blitzed against Pittsburgh in 2003, or other such minutiae. It was an incredible body of work that helped build a budding Hokie Central into a 25-year-old mainstay in Hokie sports reporting and analysis.

People still tell me, “I subscribe for your Monday Thoughts.” Yikes. Big responsibility.

Of course I’ll still keep doing these articles, but over time, the nature of them has changed and will continue to change. For one thing, I’m 55 now and simply can’t grind the way I used to back when I was in my 30s (though I did grind this weekend; more on that towards the end). We’ve got guys like Brandon Patterson who excel at the analysis part, and I don’t need to slog so deep anymore. He’s way better at it than I ever