Bryce Goodner Reflects On Virginia Tech Commitment

Bryce Goodner, Virginia Tech
Bryce Goodner is Virginia Tech’s latest commitment.

Bryce Goodner
Offensive Lineman, Class of 2021
McMinn High School, Athens, TN
6-3, 300

For a few months, since the first of the year, McMinn County (Tenn.) offensive lineman Bryce Goodner just tried to get noticed. He followed coaches on Twitter, tweeted at them, and sent them direct messages.

By the end of February, Goodner finally had his first scholarship offer, from Toledo. Nevada, Rice, Navy, Air Force, Bowling Green and others followed suit. But the one he said he really wanted attention from was Virginia Tech. Again, he reached out to as many on the staff as he could.

Just over two months ago, Goodner finally made contact with former Hokies offensive lineman Kyle Chung, who is now a graduate assistant with the Hokies. After chatting on social media, Goodner’s information was passed on to offensive line coach Vance Vice. After plenty of conversations and a trip to Blacksburg, Virginia Tech offered on Sunday. The following morning, Goodner accepted with a commitment to the school he believes fits him in more ways than one.

“Well, at first, they were always my number one school, when I got my first offer,” he said. “I made a list of my dream schools. And back then, what made them at the top of my list was they have great engineering, they have great academics, and at the same time, I’d be able to play elite college football there. But the more I learned about them, the more I got to talk to them, I realized that at the same time, they’re a bunch of honest, hard-working dudes. They don’t really care about the limelight, they just want to win football games and go for the championship. And, they’re my kind of dudes up there.”

Goodner said he and his family visited Blacksburg for the first time on Saturday. They peaked into the Hokies’ facilities, walked around campus and downtown, and chatted by phone with the coaching staff. Goodner’s mind might have already been made up, however.

“They’re building something special up there at Virginia Tech,” he said. “I don’t really feel like their facilities are rivaled by nearly anybody. They’re getting a new weight room, they’re getting a new cafeteria. All us big guys like that, and they’re building all new dorms, for my class, when we get up there. That campus is just on the rise. It’s being improved upon and Blacksburg itself, you can just tell it’s a true college town and I loved it, walking through there. I can see that place lighting up on Saturdays. I was hearing, if you’re a Virginia Tech athlete, Blacksburg is crazy. Everybody there loves you, and I feel like that’s something I’d like to be a part of.”

Goodner said he also liked the relationship he’s developed with Vice, and he believes that’s the best fit, between scheme and coach, that he could ask for.

“He’s a character, but man, I love him,” Goodner said. “He’s the kind of guy that I think I can cut up with, joke around with. I can talk about fishing and hunting with him, I can go golfing with him. But, I believe when it comes down to it, I’m always going to truly respect him, and I’ll listen to