Virginia Tech Target Board, Defense: July 28, 2020

Cole Nelson, Virginia Tech
Cole Nelson could commit to Virginia Tech soon. (Hudl)

Defensive End

Commits: 1 (Mattheus Carroll)
Target Number: 2-3

Mattheus Carroll is Virginia Tech’s lone defensive end commitment right now, but his recruitment and the recruitment of Tech’s other top targets show the direction the coaching staff wants to go at defensive end.  They want taller, rangier guys on the edge, and at 6-5 Carroll fits that role perfectly.  I think the Hokies will take 2-3 defensive ends in the 2021 recruiting class, depending on who they can get. 

Cole Nelson is a Georgia native who his listed at 6-3, 230.  If you look at a picture of him, you’ll see that he’s one of those guys who looks older than he is.  He’s got a big neck and big arms, and he just has the look of a strong defensive end who can take on pulling offensive linemen and “spill” the ball carrier.  He is considered a Virginia Tech lean right now, and his commitment is probably coming sooner rather than later.

Robert Jackson is a big 6-6 defensive end from Pennsylvania.  He’s high on the Hokies, and he has a big offer list that includes schools like Rutgers, Pitt, Nebraska, Syracuse, Iowa State, Iowa State, Virginia and West Virginia.  I’m not exactly sure when he wants to make a final decision.