Getting Bigger And Quicker Up Front

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Mattheus Carroll, Virginia Tech
After a couple of years in the weight room, Mattheus Carroll should make Virginia Tech bigger and quicker up front.

Ever since Bill Teerlinck was hired away from the Buffalo Bills and Darryl Tapp was brought in to assist him, it has been assumed that Virginia Tech would try to get bigger on the defensive line.  None of us know exactly what the scheme is going to look like, but we all assumed that the Hokies would try to get bigger.

I think that was the correct assumption, but sometimes we need to see some recruits commit before that assumption is validated.  The Hokies now have two defensive linemen on their commitment board for 2021, plus transfer Justus Reed, and based on those three players and some of the others Tech is recruiting, I’d say we’re in the opening stage of that validation.

It’s important to note that Tech’s defensive line really isn’t any smaller than it was 25 years ago.  Here was the starting defensive line back in 1995…

DE Cornell Brown: 6-2, 246
DE Hank Coleman: 6-2, 236
DT Jim Baron: 6-4, 260
DT JC Price: 6-2, 275

Even Waverly Jackson, who was a part-time starter in 1995, was only 6-3, 296.  Jackson was considered to be a huge player by Tech fans at the time, but these days he wouldn’t be.

Here was Tech’s starting defensive line in 2019…

DE TyJuan Garbutt: