The Anatomy Of Virginia Tech’s Jet Sweep

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Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech’s jet sweep game worked to near perfection against Wake Forest. (Ivan Morozov)

In 2019, Tre Turner and Tayvion Robinson averaged a shade over ten yards per carry on jet sweeps. Much like Frankenstein’s monster, Virginia Tech’s jet sweep plays are amalgamations that combine old and new ways of thinking. It is also like the Creature in that it has imperfections—muck like Boris Karloff’s famous portrayal of the Monster, the play isn’t quite a seamless* construct.

Despite just how often the jet sweep gained critical yards, it became a bit of shorthand for criticizing the Hokie offense and its coaches. The jet sweep was a “crutch” for an offense that failed at executing routine plays. I think this is unfair. The curse of Frankenstein’s monster is that it is misunderstood, and I think the same can be said for the jet sweep.

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