Athletic Department Staffing: Part Two

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Virginia Tech
How is Virginia Tech’s athletics department organized?. (Ivan Morozov)

Last week we talked about “Fuente’s people” and all the roles they encompass. Now we’ll look at the many people who make up the non-sporting staff of Virginia Tech’s athletic department, starting with a big picture view of operations. For folks unfamiliar with the VT athletic department, this will help all the offices and roles make more sense as we move on. For folks more familiar with the VT athletic department, it’ll give us a base to dig into issues that have come up, particularly those connected to saret’s recent conversation with Virginia Tech officials, which many of you have kept up with.

Unwinding the Athletic Department

Even when you remove coaches and their support staff, athletic departments are big and complicated. From leaders like Whit Babcock down to interns and volunteers, departments can include hundreds of people, and revenues at blue-blood programs have topped $200 million. At the other end of the spectrum, even small DIII departments can have twenty or more non-coaching staff to keep things running.

The big athletic departments are big because donors, media broadcasters, and general fans are willing to part with a lot of money. But these departments might be more complicated than the money would indicate because their operations