Inside TSL: Unhinged

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Gather round Virginia Tech fans, and I’ll tell you three tales of Hokies who came unhinged.

We’ve all seen that guy on Facebook or Twitter or really, anywhere around the Internet. That guy who spews discontent and unhappiness and criticism and who isn’t satisfied, no matter what.

You know, guys like this:

Some guys like to wallow in the misery, to rile people up, to be “that guy.” From the early Hokie Central days of J.R. Hokie and Hokierama, we’ve had our problems with guys like that on the message boards. (If you recognize those usernames as way-back troublemakers, then get your official Old-School button here.)

When you work in the public eye like we do, some people just lose their sh … enanigans in your realm and become unhinged.

Here are three such stories. This article will contain no pictures, no videos, no ads, and no sponsor promos. It’s not that kind of article.

What the … ?

Once upon a time, we had a message board poster named WTFHokies. He registered on August 31st, 2013, and since “WTF” is an acronym for a vulgarity, our radar went up from the time he first posted. He was a troll from the get-go, and he lasted all of 59 posts before we banned him.