Kentucky Review: Virginia Tech Overcomes Some Matchup Issues, But Misses Chances

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Virginia Tech, Bud Foster
It was a tough way for Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster to go out. (Jon Fleming)

This is a hard one to swallow. The game felt like the season—embarrassing early, hopeful midway, seemingly kicking into an unknown gear towards the close, and failing to finish out. Bud Foster’s last two games as a Hokie coach are going to be footnotes for other teams: UVA broke the streak in his last regular season game, and Kentucky turned his final game into a bowl loss. Both times, the quarterbacks ran wild.

The “prognosticators” got some heat for worrying about Kentucky, but you only had to watch a few highlights to tell that this was a bad matchup for Tech. Watching a few games would only deepen the opinion. The Hokies on both sides of the line have struggled against bigger o- and d-lines, and the defense hasn’t had the scheme-discipline or eye-discipline to handle teams that double-down on the option game. For all the defense’s growth this year, the mistakes looked like Cincinnati all over again, or, more recently, Duke and bits of UVA, and they started early: