Another Impressive Win For Mike Young And Virginia Tech

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Mike Young, Virginia Tech
Mike Young and Virginia Tech are 6-0. (Jon Fleming)

Virginia Tech’s victory over No. 3 Michigan State on Monday night was a big one.  It’s still too early to be talking about what could happen in March.  Tom Izzo is Mr. March, not Mr. November.  Still, it was a big win for the players, the resume, and the fanbase.

I wish the Hokies had beaten Michigan State in a different week.  We’re basically tying to fit five days’ worth of content into three days this week (or maybe 3.5 days, depending on whether I feel like working on Thanksgiving), and I’ve still got to crank out a UVA game preview, edit an Eric Carr article, do a Podcast tomorrow, a true freshman report (which I might skip this week simply because of time), etc.  So this article probably won’t be able to do justice to yesterday’s win, but I’ll try.

I want to be excited, and I am.  I want you to be excited, and I know you are.  But I also want temper expectations to a certain extent, but I need to do it without appearing to throw cold water over everyone.  I’ll point out the stuff that can be construed as negative first, and then save the positive stuff for last.