Georgia Tech Analysis: Yellow Jackets Improved, But Still Show Major Weaknesses

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Geoff Collins, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech
Geoff Collins took a tough job at Georgia Tech. (Will Stewart)

Geoff Collins had the deck stacked against him when he took the Georgia Tech job. Converting a Flex-Triple offense to a contemporary spread-option scheme is a daunting task, and one made tougher by the fact that Collins is a defensive coach by trade. The route trees might be the same, and maybe how they count when base-/man-blocking, but that’s about it. It’s not quite as big a shock on defense, though the transition from a 3-4 to a 4-2 wasn’t a one-day install, either. The results have made for a long season, but the team is getting better.


Watching the Jackets, you can tell offensive coordinator Dave Patenaude chose to bridge the gap between Flex-Triple and spread-option instead of breaking cleanly from it. The most obvious nod here is how GT will line up in a Flexbone look in short-yardage spots, sometimes even shifting a wing over to the tailback spot in sort of a frozen flex. But there’s more. They call lead runs and speed option more than you’ll see from most teams, they have lots of pistol sets which have similar footwork and