Monday Thoughts on a Tuesday: An Epic Win

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Virginia Tech
Who’s a good boy? WHO’S A GOOOOD BOYYYY?!?! Growley is, that’s who! (Ivan Morozov)

Sometimes, I’ll wander through the living room when my wife is watching yet another Hallmark movie, and I’ll wonder to myself some variation of “Why does she watch that boring stuff over and over?” It’s basically the same movie repeated ad infinitum, with little variation and no twists or turns that you don’t see coming a mile away.

I never say anything though, because I think to myself, “She probably feels the same way about college football.” It probably all looks the same to her (though she is a Penn State grad and loved football in her youth), so I don’t say anything, because we all have our things that we love for our own reasons, and it takes all kinds to make the world go ‘round.

But I guarantee you, there is no Hallmark movie equivalent to what we witnessed between Virginia Tech and North Carolina. There is no six-overtime Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. My wife will never come into the room and say to me, “You won’t believe the Hallmark movie I just watched! It was amazing! It was four hours long and I was riveted the whole time! It’s the most incredible Hallmark movie I’ve seen since ‘Kiss at Pine Lake’ back in 2012!”

This is why we watch sports, and why we love college football so much. Because you never know what