True Freshman Report: Comparisons With Other Freshmen

Bryan Hudson, Virginia Tech
Bryan Hudson was supposed to redshirt at right tackle. Instead, he’s starting at center. (Jon Fleming)

We’re four games into the season, and seven true freshmen have seen playing time for Virginia Tech.  It appears that they are all going to play a role for the Hokies this season, though technically they could all redshirt.

This week’s true freshman report will be in a slightly different format.  In the past, we’ve also mentioned the true freshmen who haven’t played.  I don’t see the need in repeating myself week after week, so we’re going to take out that part of the article.  We’ll replace it with some new information…Pro Football Focus grades compared to the other true freshmen around the country who have played.  For example. We’ll compare Norell Pollard to the other true freshmen at defensive tackle who have played this season.  Note that the rankings only include players from Power 5 conferences.

Virginia Tech True Freshmen Who Have Played

Seven true freshmen have played a role for Virginia Tech this season.

WR Tayvion Robinson: 7 special teams snaps, 145 offensive snaps, 152 total snaps.  Robinson has played in all four games, and he’s a playing a major role as a slot receiver.  Barring a major injury this week in practice, there’s no way he’s redshirting.