The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Playcalling, Exploiting Weaknesses, and More

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The Fisher Law Firm

1) Seems like VT is promoting a “Cult of Personality” with Coach Hilgart and his strength & conditioning program. In contrast, it appeared that BC gave us a physical beat down across the board, adding to a growing trend that our team looks soft. Bourbonstreet recently commented that the team has gone from playing HardSmartTough to SoftDullFluff, and Will has mentioned his concern about the lack of physicality. Does our loss of physicality and toughness have anything to do with Hilgart’s program? – HokieMoose

CC: I think BC gave our offense a beat down.  However, I thought Virginia Tech’s defense matched BC toughness, and probably exceeded it.  Outside of the one late drive, what little success the Eagles had running the football came because of leverage busts on the edge rather than defenders getting physically beaten.  BC averaged 3.3 yards per carry.  I think we’d have all taken that before the game.

Some guys are naturally strong.  Take Rayshard Ashby as an example.  I don’t know of any big numbers he’s put up in the weight room, and I can say with confidence that I look better with my shirt off than him.  In fact, his upper body looks more fat that muscle.  But he’s naturally strong with a heavy shoulder.  When he hits people, they go backwards…including that 250-pound behemoth AJ Dillon.