Position Review and Look-Ahead: Running Backs

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It’s a shame that the career of Steven Peoples ended with an injury. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

We spent all of last offseason discussing how Virginia Tech’s running game needed to get better, and how the running backs needed to have better production in 2018 than they did in 2017. 

Here are the overall team rushing numbers from the last two seasons…

2017: 584 carries, 2,254 yards, 3.9 ypc, 19 TDs
2018: 520 carries, 2,266 yards, 4.4 ypc, 19 TDs

The number of yards are similar, but the Hokies averaged 0.5 yards per carry more this year than they did a year ago.  That’s a significant increase.  That’s mainly due to better running back production.  Let’s compare the numbers of Tech’s running backs from 2017 to the backs in 2018.  First, let’s start with 2017…

Deshawn McClease: 108 carries, 530 yards, 4.9 ypc, 3 TDs
Travon McMillian: 104 carries, 439 yards, 4.2 ypc, 2 TDs
Steven Peoples: 70 carries, 267 yards, 3.8 ypc, 2 TDs
Jalen Holston: 70 carries, 226 yards, 3.2 ypc, 3 TDs
Coleman Fox: 39 carries, 223 yards, 5.7 ypc, 1 TD
Total: 391 carries, 1,685 yards, 4.3 ypc, 11 TDs

Virginia Tech’s running backs put up the following numbers this past