Jaden Cunningham Sets Officials and Names a Leader

Jaden Cunningham took an official visit to Virginia Tech in December. (Photo courtesy of @Jaden_C53)

Jaden Cunningham
Defensive Tackle, Class of 2019
Hutchinson Community College, Ellenwood, GA
6-1, 326

On Sunday, defensive tackle Jaden Cunningham will head back to Hutchinson Community College (Kan.) to finish his last semester of classes. At the same time, Cunningham has an eye on where he’s headed next.           

Cunningham has four schools currently in the running for his signature: Virginia Tech, Rutgers, Akron and Kansas. He has two official visits set, with the possibility for a third.  One school in a better position than the others.           

The Hokies are currently in front, after he took an official visit to Virginia Tech last month, and he’s made a point since then to stay in contact.