The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Offensive Issues, Tempo, and Recruiting

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1) The defense was competitive in the first half then completely fell flat in the second half…again. Why? – Hokie Witch

Chris Coleman: I’m sure UVA made adjustments at halftime, and as we’ve covered this year, it’s really hard for Bud Foster to make as many adjustments as he has in the past, because the Hokies have such a young team this year.  In fact, UVA fans are upset that it took their coaching staff so long to make the adjustments that so obviously worked in the second half.  I also think the Tech defense may have played above their heads a little bit in the first half.  Let’s not forget the missed TD pass.  Sometimes it’s just about the players.

Remember that Bud Foster is coaching from the pressbox right now.  It takes a few minutes to get from the pressbox down to the locker room, so that could be affecting things ever so slightly.  Also, I don’t think Foster himself is 100% right now.  Whatever has been ailing him has been so bad that the doctors made him coach from the pressbox for two straight weeks.  If he’s that sick, then how effective is he on a day-to-day basis when it comes to game planning, coaching, etc.? 

It’s a stressful job to begin with, but I’d imagine that this has been Bud Foster’s most stressful year as a defensive coordinator, and I bet it’s not even close.  I think he needs a month or so off to recharge his batteries.