15 In A Row

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Another year, another Virginia Tech victory over UVA. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Well, that one had just about everything. We haven’t had a game this year that was so topsy turvy, and so filled with ups and downs. It seemed like every five minutes brought out a different emotion. Let me see if I can recall some of them…

Hopeful: The Hokies played great defense in the first half, and I was hoping that if we could get a two-score lead somehow, we’d be in good shape.

Optimistic: When Tech got up 14-0, I thought we were going to win, but I also knew that the second half hasn’t been kind to us this year.

Worried: I was really worried when UVA came out firing on all cylinders in the second half. For four straight drives, the Hokies just couldn’t stop them.

Calm: Though UVA kept scoring, the Hokies came away with a field goal and a touchdown of their own to hold a 24-14 lead. At that point, I was calm, because I thought Tech was still in control, and I was happy that they had finally done something offensively in the third quarter.

Apprehensive: UVA kept pouring it on though, and once they answered the DeShawn McClease touchdown, I knew we were in for a battle.

Distraught: When Ryan Willis threw that interception, I just knew the game was over.

False hope: When the Tech defense held UVA to a field goal to keep it a one-score game, I had a little bit of hope. But unlike what The Shawshank Redemption told us, hope can be a bad thing sometime. Even at that point, I thought I was just getting hopeful for no reason, and that being hopeful would actually make me feel even worse once UVA went on to win the game.

Excitement: I don’t think I’ve been as excited