UNC Could Give Hokies More Trouble Than Past Seasons

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Ricky Walker and the Hokies face UNC on Saturday night. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

UNC is a tough one to scout, given how many players have been suspended due to their entrepreneurial pursuits in the footwear industry. More recently the Heels seemed to have lost running threat QB Chazz Surratt for the season.

I didn’t learn much from their whupping at the hands of ECU (and it was a fun one to watch) or draw lessons from their win over Pitt.  I can’t do that in good faith due to player losses. Miami, while very different from VT in terms of scheme and talent right now, is the only team to have played against a relatively full-strength Heel squad, and the only chance UNC has had to rotate their two veteran QBs.  For that reason, I’ve focused on this game (a 47-10 thumping) from last week.

Then I got an e-mail from Chris with the news about Surratt, plus word that freshman Cade Fortin might be starting. So processing all that, here’s my foggy view on the Heels.

UNC moved the ball and made Miami look bad on several occasions.  I wouldn’t let prior VT tilts against Fedora’s Flunkers color your perspective too much. While you’ll recognize plenty of faces (and hopefully many of the same errors) in blue, this iteration of the Hokies is probably much more susceptible to what the Heels are doing these days. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Nathan Elliott