A Long Day In Norfolk

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Justin Fuente’s team suffered a horrible defeat at the hands of Old Dominion on Saturday. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech lost to Old Dominion yesterday.  I’ve been angrier after other losses.  I was much more upset after losses to Boise State and Kansas.  But I’ve never been more embarrassed after a loss than I was yesterday.

Losing stinks, but sometimes it’s not the loss, it’s how you lose.  When the Hokies lost to James Madison, it was more than a bit fluky.  There were fumbles, it was raining, and Tech had more yards at the end of the game.  They weren’t physically dominated.  Yesterday was different.  By the fourth quarter, ODU running back Jeremy Cox was physically beating up on the Tech defense, and they looked like they wanted no part of tackling him.  The Hokies folded up like a cheap tent when somebody actually hit them back.

That’s disappointing, but fixable.  The defense is the main topic for the week, but we’ll also touch on the quarterback situation and Trevon Hill

Hokies Burn Their Hand On The Stove

When I was maybe two or three years old, I was in my parents’ kitchen and made the foolish decision to stand up and put my hand on the top of the kitchen stove, which naturally was turned on.  It was hot.  It hurt. I burned my hand pretty badly.  I barely remember it, but I do remember it.  I never put my hand on top of a hot stove again.

When you’re young, and you’ve never experienced something before, sometimes there’s nothing anybody