Lunch Pail Defense Overcomes Gulf Coast Offense

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Vinny Mihota and the Hokies enjoyed a dominating performance on Monday night. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Sure was nice of Coach Fuente to hand the headset over to Frank Beamer for this game, eh?  When this one wrapped up, it felt like the Battle of Bristol all over again, but this time Tech came out on the winning side. The themes of this game that everyone anticipated were there, but the outcome was decidedly different. The general deciding factor was just how uncomfortable FSU’s offense was in the new scheme. FSU is going to get better—they won’t make it to the ACC title game like Tech did that season (and it might not show up in their record) but they’ll improve. The run/pass option and screen/pass option* game this offense leans on wasn’t there, and it looked like Deondre Francois wasn’t comfortable getting his team out of bad alignment matchups. The o-line’s going to figure things out, too, because it’s impossible to have so many assignment problems throughout the season.

But enough about the Seminoles’ future. On offense, the Hokies had a balanced mindset, and either anticipated or learned early that there were running opportunities to be found if they could get double-teams on the defensive tackles. They got these through some core plays like counter, iso, and duo, while the tackles and tight ends regularly won