Wide Receiver and Tight End Thoughts: More Experience, and More Options

Phil Patterson
Phil Patterson should be one of Virginia Tech’s top targets this season. (Photo by Jon Fleming)

Throw to score, and run to win. That’s Justin Fuente’s motto. In the second half of last season, the Hokies sure didn’t do a lot of scoring. If throwing to score is truly the right way to go, then it’s understandable why Tech wasn’t doing much scoring. They were playing a ton of young receivers, with a young, injured quarterback, as well as a true freshman tight end.

The Hokies are more experienced this year at all of those spots, but to be clear, they are still young. Starting quarterback Josh Jackson is still just a redshirt sophomore. So is starting receiver Damon Hazelton. Starting receiver Hezekiah Grimsley and starting tight end Dalton Keene are true sophomores, along with slot receiver Sean Savoy. Wide receiver Tre Turner is a true freshman. This group is still wet behind the ears, relatively speaking.

But I believe we’ll see some solid improvement at wide receiver and tight end.

Wideouts: Closer to Justin Fuente’s Vision

Justin Fuente and his coaching staff have said that they’d like to be able to play as many as eight effective wide receivers in games. They probably aren’t quite there at this point in time, but they are a lot closer now than they were over the last two seasons.