The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Dax Hollifield, Dalton Keene, and Florida State

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Dax Hollifield
Dax Hollifield (4) will be on the field this season, but we don’t know how much. (Photo by Jon Fleming)

1) What would be your perception be if Dax Hollifield did indeed become a full-time starter? Simply adding a great player or a slap on the other linebackers? – IB4TECH

Chris Coleman: A little bit of both.  As many folks pointed out in my article about Dax and true freshmen linebackers, Virginia Tech has never been in this situation at linebacker before.  The oldest scholarship linebackers are true sophomores Dylan Rivers and Rayshard Ashby.  It’s not like Dax is competing against veterans with a ton of experience.  I think Rivers was on the field on defense for three or four plays against UNC last year, and I don’t know that Ashby got into a game on defense at all.