A Tough Offseason For Virginia Tech Basketball

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Buzz Williams must replace Steve Roccaforte, who is pictured above. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

As tumultuous as the offseason has been for the football program, it has been worse for the basketball program.  Imagine if Frank Beamer had lost Bud Foster, John Ballein and Mike Goforth all in the same offseason.  That’s basically what has happened to Buzz Williams since the summer began.

Virginia Tech basketball has lost three key members of the staff over the past couple of months.  One of them you probably haven’t heard of, so I’ll throw him in there just to complete the list.

Ernest Eugene: Orlando Magic.  Eugene was Buzz’s athletic trainer at Marquette and Virginia Tech for the last 10 years.  You can’t blame him for going to the NBA, though.  That’s a big-time experience, and probably a nice paycheck as well.

Jeff Reynolds: Texas A&M.  That was an odd hire for the Aggies.  Reynolds was Tech’s Director of Basketball Operations, and as a former head coach was invaluable when it came to scouting and game preparation.  However, he was hired as a regular assistant by A&M, which means he’ll have to recruit, and Reynolds has never recruited at the Power 5 level before.  Normally one doesn’t hire 61 year old coaches who have never recruited.  But you can’t blame Reynolds for that move, because it likely came with a nice raise.