Power 5 Offers: The 2018 Offense

Eric Kumah
Eric Kumah was the most highly-touted recruit of all projected 2018 offensive starters. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Yesterday we covered the Power 5 offers for Virginia Tech’s projected 2018 defensive starters.  Today we’re going to switch it up and move to the offense, and I’ll warn you in advance that these numbers are not going to be particularly impressive.

The Hokies have been recruiting well on offense the last couple of years.  Guys like Quincy Patterson, Tre Turner and Darryle Simmons had a lot of options in the 2018 class, and Tech’s offensive line and wide receiver recruiting are going quite well for 2019.  However, those guys are either true freshmen or they haven’t enrolled.  Even the oldest of the Justin Fuente offensive recruits are true sophomores, so it’s going to take another couple of years before the true impact of Tech’s improved recruiting is felt on the field.

I’d also like to point out that my projected starting lineup for offense could be wrong in a couple of spots.  We don’t know for sure who is going to start at right tackle.  The Hokies use a running back by committee approach.  I also don’t know for sure that Phillip Patterson and Eric Kumah will start at outside receiver, though it’s a good bet that at least one of them will.  Other receivers such as Sean Savoy, Damon Hazelton and perhaps a true freshman such as Darryle Simmons or Tre Turner will have an impact as well, and those players aren’t included in this analysis.