The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Athletes, Returners, and Coleman Fox

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1) The 2019 recruiting class, reduced numbers and all, has three athletes according to the TSL database. This seems to be a high number for any recruiting class. Could you discuss why recruits are recruited as athletes? What difference does it make? Also, what positions do athletes wind up at? Seems like it’s either DB or WR. Could you rate the success of athletes recruited at Tech over the years? – OandM 69

Chris Coleman: Usually the players who could conceivably play more than one position in college are listed as athletes.  Or, if we don’t know whether or not the coaching staff is targeting a player as a wide receiver or a defensive back, we just list them as an athlete.  That being said, we need to update our database, because we do list some players as “athletes” right now despite the fact that we have a pretty good idea of where they are going to play at the college level.

We currently list Cam’Ron Kelly, Jahad Carter and Mike Sainristil as athletes.  When they were first entered into the database, it was unclear which position they were being recruited to play.  Now that it’s clear that they are all slotted for the secondary, I need to go in there and make those changes.  I view all three as cornerback prospects right now, though it remains to be seen whether or not the Hokies hang on to Sainristil. (He is being wooed by Michigan.)

Why a recruit is recruited as an athlete could be for a variety of different reasons.

1: The coaching staff isn’t yet sure about their best potential in college. 

2: The coaching