The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: The New Redshirt Rule, Surprise ACC Team, and More

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1) How would you use the new redshirt rule? What type of player and which current or incoming players would benefit from it the most? Do you see it helping Virginia Tech more or less than other schools? I see it helping teams which get 3 and 4-star players which they “develop” more than schools that get a majority of 5 and high 4-star players.  Also, could you see even more players redshirted? How would this affect recruiting and number of scholarships available? – HokieZig

Chris Coleman: That’s a good question, and I hadn’t thought about it that way until you asked the question.  My first thought is that the new rule certainly won’t hurt Virginia Tech.  I don’t know that it will really help them, but it could, for the exact reason that you stated.

I believe that Virginia Tech’s easiest route to challenging Clemson and FSU for the ACC Title is by redshirting players and developing them over time.  A team full of 5th-year seniors can beat a team full of true sophomores and true juniors, even if the younger team might be more talented.  I’d be redshirting as many guys as possible if I were Justin Fuente.

However, Virginia Tech’s redshirt-seniors have an opportunity to be even more experienced at some point down the road.  They’ll actually be able to get on-field experience