The Fisher Law Firm Friday Q&A: Offensive Line, Running Backs, and More

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1) Should the idea of in-state vs. out-of-state recruits be scrapped in today’s age of digital communication? – NokieHokie

Chris Coleman: It should not be entirely scrapped.  If push comes to shove, and there was one spot remaining in a recruiting class and I had to decided between an in-state player and an out-of-state player that were dead-even in talent and potential, I would pick the in-state player for a few reasons.

1: An in-state player (theoretically) would have more pride in the in-state school.  That matters in the fourth quarter.

2: It would help build the relationship at that particular in-state high school.

3: An in-state scholarship is cheaper than an out-of-state scholarship.  That money adds up.

For the record, I would have offered running back Elijah Davis out of Lynchburg last season.  The Hokies had room, and they were willing to take another running back in the class. (They really wanted Anthony Grant).  But in the end, they decided to pocket that scholarship.  Personally, I would have given it to Davis.  He really wanted it.  He would have been one of those guys who would have taken a lot of pride in playing for an in-state program. (He’s going to ODU, FWIW).

You can’t do that for everybody, of course.  But if you’ve got a scholarship or two freed up, and you think a guy is close to being good enough, then I don’t see the