After Blasting UNC, Hokies in Good Shape Heading into the Final Stretch

Everybody was pleased with Saturday’s outcome. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

What a great day.  I went into the game expecting the Hokies to win by multiple touchdowns, but I certainly wasn’t expecting them to win by 52 points.  For me, it’s personal every time Virginia Tech plays North Carolina, and yesterday couldn’t have gone better.  I stopped by a few tailgates and saw friends, and watched the game from the club area of the South Endzone where they sell beer.  There’s nothing quite like watching your favorite team trounce the Tar Heels in person while you have a cold beverage in your hand. 

I had a pretty cool experience with a TSL subscriber, too.  A guy in the club section started talking about Virginia Tech’s Nike contract, or lack thereof, and I knew that anybody who knows details about Tech’s Nike contract has to be a TSL subscriber, because Will is the only guy that has really analyzed it.  So I introduced myself, and it turns out he is a TSL subscriber.  It’s pretty neat meeting someone who you realize is a TSL subscriber simply because you recognize that they know what they are talking about.

But back to the game.  I felt like I took a trip in a DeLorean back to 1998.  The Hokies didn’t exactly light the world on fire offensively, but they blocked a punt that set up a field goal, they scored two defensive touchdowns and Greg Stroman had one heck of a punt return for a touchdown.  That was an old school Beamer Ball performance, and Frank himself was in attendance.  He certainly went home happy.

Yesterday was the ideal game for Justin Fuente.  This Tech team isn’t perfect.  It is flawed.  We saw that with the offensive performance in the first quarter.  The big issue was that Tech’s receivers struggled to get separation from UNC’s defensive backs, and they struggled to hang onto the football against tight coverage.  It killed some drives early in the game.  Fuente got a dominant performance from his team in a 59-7 win, but there were enough flaws on display that he can still show his team the game film and say “imagine how good we can be if we start catching the football consistently.”